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Monday, April 01, 2013

Pain and laughter

Miss M’s hoarse voice and chuckles were part of my rich experience at the Care Centre for two years. I always looked forward to seeing her during my visits. She usually shared a smile and light moments with me despite the pain in her eyes. There were times when she would be so sore all over and would gladly be wheeled to and from her room and the Gift Shop or canteen. And for each encounter, Miss M never failed to express her gratitude. Then I would say thank you myself as she reminded me how minuscule my own pain was, compared to hers, and how I should better deal with my own little worries. On days when her pain seemed intense, I wished I could perform miracles and ease it. I wished she could share some of her pain with me, for I could scream, curse and cry in my own dark room, away from everybody else, whereas Miss M had a roommate to think about and a lot of other residents who might want nothing but a quiet, peaceful and pain-free night after another long day of waiting – waiting for the passing of time… I thank Miss M for her time, her wisdom, her character; I’m sure she’s now somewhere where there’s no pain or sorrow, where time is perhaps non-existent? Jamison/03/02/2013

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