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Monday, April 01, 2013

1990 – 2013

28 March 2013. Our beloved friend, Lorna Gloria, joined our Maker. I thought she could wait for me, wait for spring, and wait for my blooms to adorn her long, black hair. It had been a long winter. Now that winter has left, so has Lorna. And we’ve never even said our goodbyes.

1990. I was one of the newest and youngest teachers in the refugee camp. Lorna was there to give me tips on handling the students who were under a lot of stress. She was kind and generous, always willing to share everything she had—even if it meant she would be left with nothing. I had never seen such a big heart. She was hardworking, working before sunup and after sundown, before the cocks crowed and under the moonlight when the crickets sang and the fireflies swirled above her head. She was a strong woman in every way and beautiful inside and out, so I admired her a lot. Her sweet smile is the most unforgettable of all. Surely our Father is happy to see her loveliness, welcoming home a heavenly being.

Jamison 28/03/2013

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