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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Manila Ocean Park

One day was not enough to enjoy all the attractions that this park can offer. We started the day with the long queue of weekend visitors and ran to the Sea Lion Show before it started. As soon as I saw the dancing sea lions, I forgot the sweltering heat of July. The hosts spoke good English and knew wholesome family entertainment with their sea lion friends and volunteers from the audience.

Then there was the jellies (jellyfish) exhibit using in-wall and cylinder-shaped aquariums. The latter were new to me and I thought were more practical as viewers could move around each aquarium and really appreciate the beauty of these creatures more.

After lunch, we followed the Trails to Antarctica and the kids experienced feeding the penguins and getting a feel of sub-zero temperature. The next stop was at the All Star Bird Show where birds did tricks I’d never seen before such as solving math problems! An extra attraction in this show was the anaconda that was given to an unsuspecting lady volunteer from the audience. She screamed at the top of her lungs but thankfully did not suffer a heart attack.

Our final destination was the Oceanarium with its rich and diverse marine life exhibit that included sharks in all sizes. The Agos (Flow), a 25-metre walkway tunnel, was really impressive although I could not enjoy it because my focus was on staying with my family and not losing them in the thick, sweaty crowd. As the day came to a close (and after all the rushed bathroom breaks), our feet started aching although we hadn’t seen much of everything. We hadn’t even checked out the items in the shops! How could the day be over? Surely I would love to be back and see the rest of the attractions here. Would you meet me there? Jamison/25/12/2012

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