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Monday, October 13, 2008

October frost

the ground was coated with frost today,
my flowers gave their final bow and expired;
my silver ford focus stood like a frigid abode
with snowflakes stuck on its windows
like teeny weeny starfish glued to a sunken boat.

i scraped some of the stubborn ice off the windshield
and sped on with a distorted view of the road ahead
(i've a Sunday job, remember?)
hence i avoided passing by the police station nearby
(for fear of being spotted and getting a ticket)
as i shivered and quivered in what looked like
a speeding silvery white coffin that was my car.

the wiper worked well indeed
as dry ice soon settled on the sides of the windshield,
framing my face as if it was on a Christmas card.
so when a patrol car stopped to make a left turn
i gave the officer a sheepish smile
and let out a deep sigh...

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