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Sunday, April 27, 2008


weeds and wildflowers, that's what we are.
in rainbow colors, scattered on your lawn
so you call our presence "ugly invasion".

we grow tall with your grass, feed the bugs
that satisfy the robins, bluebirds and cardinals
that fill the air with songs and signal
spring has come.

so you lazily get up on Saturday morning,
and reluctantly wake up your sleeping mower.
you cuss as you strike us, weeds and wildflowers,
with sharp blades in roaring thunder.

soon the birds are back with their songs
feasting and rejoicing all day long
on exposed beetles, grubs and worms.

then on Sunday, the rain quenches
our thirsty buds your blades leave untouched.
so days after, your lawn is teeming
our baby weeds and wildflowers screaming
in rainbow colors brought by spring.

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