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Sunday, September 16, 2007

a smart red admiral

i caught a red admiral after mass
on a Sunday morning in town.
it was like a napping cat
on the hood of my car.

i thought of giving it a free ride
and releasing it in the wild
or preserving it on a framed canvas,
and hang on the wall: a beauty immortalized.

but then i thought that'd be too cruel
(though i really am a sinner)
i thought why quicken a life that's already shortened?
for to live, it could only have weeks.

but when it was time to alight,
in the open compartment, it tarried awhile
as if in deep thought or playing dead
while i pondered over its fate.

then gracefully it flew out
(before i could change my mind)
a smart move well thought of.
a smart move that made me sigh.

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