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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Only a summer to live…

My baby hopper or nymph was missing for days
Then one day she hopped my way
When I got into my bedroom
Where she obviously found no blooms.
So I caught and took her out
On my plants she jumped about.

Then I missed her again for some time
So I thought her time was done
As my blooms had withered
And gone away with the heat wave.
But when I watered the plants one day
A longer and older hopper hopped away!
With dark wings and hairy skin
To my dying plants she was akin.
Thinking camouflaged and concealed,
Gently she stepped and swayed.
And slowly she nibbled
As if she had Parkinson’s disease.

I thought what a pity, only a summer her destiny.
Soon eggs will be laid, in winter to incubate
And in spring to hatch, as the new year’s batch
After metamorphosis magic, for a life so cyclic.

Only a summer to enjoy
Though it’s not a joke, oh boy!
For predators could abound
Quick to snatch one and turn around.
But no predators were on my grounds
So my visiting hopper surely found
My yard a perfect spot--to eat, mate, and be merry
For tomorrow, she’d surely be...
... very weary.

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