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Thursday, August 30, 2007

What’s the rush?

What’s the rush, lovely velvet ant?
There’s not a cow in sight
Though a deer might come out tonight
Which should be a tastier bite.

What’s the rush, lovely venomous ant?
You come to my yard and rant
But there’s no cow in this part
So let me bask in your beauty…
You’re like a villain in a movie
With that Coca-Cola body
Boldly dressed for a party.

What’s the rush, lovely cow killer ant?
There’s not a cow in sight
None you could murder with your sting
But, wait! I almost forgot
You could also sup on my flesh and blood!

Yes, yes, better hurry now, lovely velvet ant
For to offer you my life I can’t
You see, time isn’t ripe
I’m not yet ready to part
This world’s a wondrous work of art.

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