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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Three wonderful women (2)

Nancy, Donna and Ophelia
What do they have in common?

Nancy was resilient and persistent,
Walking in the halls of the care center all her waking hours
Never finding what she’s searching for with patience
But back to her quest even after a fall, and the scar she acquired
Never mind the wheelchair she had to maneuver thereafter.

Donna was a woman of simple elegance,
Of immense beauty and pure strength.
Smiling at everyone in church she forgot not once.
Her husband’s hand she always gently held,
And when she must, spoke in whisper.

Ophelia was a wife, mother, poet and mentor.
In her poems an enigmatic, burning passion.
With humility despite the name and fame she bore,
With gentle manners despite being our bastion
Until the very end, a creative soul filled with compassion.

What do they have in common?
They’re lovely women I’ve admired
And they all left me this fall,
In such quiet dignity and grace
-- enough to make me love them more.
Jamison/11/13/2010; 05/21/2017

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