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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Thank you, Dr. Dimalanta

‘Twas time for poetry reading on DLSU campus
I came because I heard you were coming
Another poem from my mentor from Olympus?
It’s been twenty year; your name I still sing.

You came quietly and walked slowly to your seat
With the usual dignity I’d always known
Despite the uniformed nurse listening to your heartbeat.
I felt a stab in my chest where poetry you’d sown.

Somebody else read your piece
While you sat motionless and expressionless
As the crowd tried to comprehend each verse
Just like before when your “Montage” was the best.

We gave you a standing ovation
And you forced a smile that didn’t seem yours
My heart ached and wished I had a potion
That’d vanish whatever ailed the beautiful you.

Soon people crowded over you with compliments,
Forgetting you shouldn’t get exhausted.
I wanted a turn, to thank you for each moment
In UST, your brilliance and passion shared.
For Bienvenido Santos and the stories of Filipinos abroad
For the prose and poetry of Palanca winners
For your humility despite your horizon so broad
For being the gentle woman that was never bitter
Despite the times when nothing seemed fair.

I really wanted to…
But my bleeding heart had to let you go.
And now that you’ve peacefully come and gone
Among the burning literary stars you’re now one
Jamison/11/13/2010; 05/21/2017

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