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Thursday, March 23, 2017

“No Guns Allowed Here!”

Thanks to the media and some toys (water guns, bubble guns…), including my very own hot glue gun which I call “hot glue” instead, my 3-year-old friend is obsessed with shooting everyone in the house with anything and everything such as building blocks, drum sticks, toilet paper rolls, hockey stick, bats, rackets, etc. – all of which eventually find their way in storage to discourage the habit. What’s amazing though is how he managed to create the sound that goes with each attempt and how this onomatopoeia got into everyone’s vocabulary.

Child: (Aiming at me.) Pyoong-pyoong!
Me: No guns allowed here!
Child: It’s just pretend.
Me: Nope. Not even if it’s just pretend. No guns allowed!

Last night, I joined my friend and his 5-year-old sister in watching Disney’s 2013 movie “Planes”. The scene showed the old plane, Skipper, having a hard time flying.

Me: What happened to him? Why can’t he fly?
Sister: Because he got pyoong-pyoong. (Meaning: He got shot at [by the enemy in his past life].)
Me: Oh, he got pyoong-pyoong? That’s sad… You see! That’s what I’m saying… Pyoong-pyoong is not nice.
The two started thinking. Let’s see if this movie helps.
21 March 2017

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