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Saturday, February 04, 2017

“You Didn’t Give Me a Hug”

I usually sneaked out whenever I left the house so as not to disrupt my little friends’ activities, two kids usually building with blocks or play dough, or reading books. I was late for my tutorial one night, so I quietly rushed to the door, but my 2 ½- year-old friend caught me.
Boy: Where you going, Teacher ‘Na?
Me: Somewhere… Bye. See you later.
Realizing that I forgot something, I went back in and found him sitting in one corner with a pillow over his head.
Me: What’s wrong?
Pouting Boy: You didn’t give me a hug.
Me: Oh, I’m sorry. How could I forget? Come…
I normally don’t give kids a hug unless they initiate it. Now this precious pouting friend of mine is just the sweetest thing no one can resist. A hug? Why not? I’ve seen young boys who didn’t want their parents’ hug or kiss anymore when they’re dropped off at school. (Talking about teasing and embarrassment...) Soon this little friend of mine wouldn’t want anything to do with me as he goes out into the world and explore with his own friends, so I guess it’s just right to show him how much I care now that he’s giving me the chance to do so. As one song goes, “Those baby days / They don’t last.” Hence, no more sneaking out… I can always blow a kiss, too.

You’ve got to hold on, it goes so fast
These early days, well, they don’t last
Got to enjoy them, they go so fast
The baby days, well, they don’t last
(From "The Early Days" by Old Man Leudecke)

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