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Saturday, January 21, 2017

“Ppol Monster”

My 2 ½ y.o. friend is eager to communicate and will try everything to be understood. During reading time, he got his superheroes book and opened to his favourite page: that with a janitor in blue uniform transformed into a monster because of radiation exposure after a chemical spill. As I was videotaping him, I couldn’t see the rest of the details on the page. Here’s our “Ppol Monster” conversation.
Child: Why he got goo on there?
Adult: Because there’s chemical.
Child: Hey (pointing at the green goo leaking from the drums)!
Adult: It’s green goo.
Child: Why it’s sliding down?
Adult: Why is it spilling?
Child: No, why it’s sliding down like that?
Adult: Spilling. Because there’s an accident, I think. Is there an accident?
Child: Maybe it’s come from the ppol monster.
Adult: What did you say?
Child: Ppol (pointing at the monster). Ppol (pointing at my red-purplish sweater).
Adult: People?
Child: No. Ppol. One ppol (pointing at the monster). One ppol (pointing at my sweater).
Adult: Oh, people! You mean people?
Child: No. One (pointing at the monster). Two (pointing at my sweater). It’s ppol.
Adult: Pepper? People? Person?
Child: No. Ppol (pointing at my sweater). Ppol (pointing at the monster). They’re ppol (pointing for the fourth time).
Adult: Okay… What about you? Are you…
Child: No, I got blue (pointing at his blue sweater)!
Adult: Oh, purple (finally checking the page and seeing the monster drawn against a purple background to show radiation)!
Child: I got red and blue (pointing at his red pants and blue top).
Adult: I thought you were talking about people.
Child: You got changed your colour: white, brown, blue (pointing at my blue pants with white stripes, and blue shirt).
Adult: I think this is blue, isn’t it (referring to my pants)?
Child: You changed your colour like me.
Adult: I did?
Child: Yes (now turning the page)!
Adult: Phew! Ppol monster.

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