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Monday, January 16, 2012


Driving home tonight on this treacherous icy road, a host to many a careless crash, with chattering teeth at -28° C, I ponder on Zeny’s text for me to write. Write about what? The truth is that I haven’t written anything for a long time except for work-related and academic papers. So what’s there to write about? Hmmm… How about what the batch means to me? That sounds manageable. I can recite my thoughts right now in the midst of all these flashing lights and sirens.

The Batch means a lot to me. It was part of the best years of my life, spent with mentors whose words led me through unpaved roads, through unknown places with blank faces. The best years of my life spent with friends I’ve kept for life. Friends who continue to amaze me with their wisdom, talents, camaraderie, compassion… Friends who trusted me and made me part of so much energy for the Literary Society, the Sir Thomas More play, the Christmas carolling, the visit to the Sisters of Charity, and so much more. So much to give and so much beauty in every way I consider unparalleled with the new minds and souls I’ve encountered elsewhere. Nothing beats the character of this Batch. I salute you all for what you’ve done and continue to do. Note that I am with you wherever I may be. I thank you all for those best years that made me what I am now and took me far and wide. Wishing you all many more truly wonderful years!

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