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Monday, April 19, 2010

From bulbs to blooms

Never thought I could grow daffodils...


  1. Hi Ms. J! Lovely! I used to have a Narcissus plant... other name is bridal crown?... but only last me a year hehe, i dont know how to take care of it... do you use any fertilisers or the weather helps? I found your name in facebook though I am not sure if its you... :-) I added in case it is you.


  2. Hi, Jacelyn! Thanks for visiting again. Yes, you're right about the names. It's perennial though, so it should come back every year and even multiply. You'll have to dig the bulbs every two or three years and separate them. Try planting again in autumn when it's cool. Fertilizer will help. You'll enjoy them in the spring. Google more tips and have fun! By the way, my tulips are out, too. Pictures are coming soon. Til next time, Miss J :)
    PS: I'm not sure if I signed up in Facebook, but I'll check...