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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Second Still Life

It was scary standing there, doing a live painting of several unfamiliar things. First, I couldn't get the footbal's shape. And I hated that it stood on an uneven surface. Second, the drum's intricate design seemed impossible to duplicate. Finally, I couldn't discern the varying values of the white sheet in the well-lit room. I was near panic. But I hit my canvas anyway and pounded on it for twelve hours in the next six days. The first result was an ungrounded flute, as if it was floating in the air. And then the high value background was stealing the viewer's attention from the subjects. Hence, the seventh day was spent on fixing whatever I thought was fixable given my time, energy and enthusiasm. Once I'd exhausted everything though, I left the background unfinished and said goodbye before my love for it turned to hate. Farewell to my second still life. 11/16/2009

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