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Monday, September 15, 2008

a room with a view

my little room overlooks a football field,
a church, and school buildings,
showing me life lived, life unfold...

i see the gulls graze as the sun rises,
i see the boys play ball after school,
i see the dogs run around as the sun goes down...
when all moms and dads have walked by
after picking up their little ones from day care.

i see everything green from my little room,
adorned by black birds and black squirrels.
soon the leaves will turn color, fall, and bloom again...
much sooner the branches will bear the weight of ice
and i'd love to see icicles melt when the sun shines...

on Sunday mornings, i say a little prayer
as the church bell rings and i leave for work instead.
i ask forgiveness for not keeping the Sabbath
(so i could earn my bread for the seventh day).
still God has been so kind for He's blessed me with...
a room with a view.

what else could i ask for as an undeserving child?
for when the world seems too much, i only need...
a room with a view.

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