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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

21 years after...

after 21 years of teaching
you thought you'd like to sing:
i'm done with my career,
let me try something better...

so you get out during the Calgary Stampede
and try what you could bear...
you thought about riding a bull
but was afraid to fall and break a bone.
you thought about racing a chuckwagon
but was afraid to hurt the horses.
you thought about flipping pancakes
but yours weren't well-made.
you thought about the corn dog eating contest
but eating wasn't what you do best.
you thought about hanging out with the revellers
but you didn't want alcohol, a fist or sex.

so the Stampede's over
and you haven't don any cowboy suit
nor have you yelled "Yahoo!" or "Yeehaw!"
or loved the smell of horses.

after 21 years of teaching
you thought you could try something better
but you get home tonight and pray instead
for God to give you back your naughty kids
with their toothless smiles and senseless whines
and quick legs you raced with on grounds
that were always green and warm...

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