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Saturday, August 18, 2007

A visiting hopper

The summer sun had choked my blooms
though I had green leaves as survivors.

One day upon arriving,
I startled a hopper that was visiting.
It jumped onto a leaf,
thinking I, it could deceive!

So the next day, I came home
with daisies and chrysanthemums
to show kindness to my visitor.

It did feel shy at first
as it inched closer to quench its thirst.
Then it jumped onto a daisy
with legs apart, proclaiming territory.
It started nibbling a petal
and it dawned on me:
It was not a nectar-sipping bee!
It was a grasshopper, I see!
Blinded I must’ve been
for this heat wave's the worst I’ve seen!

Now that summer’s nearly gone
(as well as the petals, man!)
I guess it doesn’t really matter.
Nature for nature, man for man.
It lived for the summer
while everyone had a tan.

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