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Monday, April 09, 2007

A Truck Driver, All Right

He’s a truck driver, all right
Divorced from his wife
Tiny as a teen, gay as a child.

“Hey, Bo! Could you check this lady’s engine light?”
The gas attendant yelled.
“Sure, can” said he.

He’s a truck driver, all right
Fixing a leaky hose under the heavy clouds
“Think it could take me to E-town?”
“Sure, can, ma’am”
“You driving that 18 wheeler?”
“Yes, ma’am. Gotta get to Florida.”

“Could I pay you, at least?” I asked as he handed me my scissors
“Oh, no, ma’am. Glad to be of help. Whenever I can.”
“Could you at least take this key chain from Japan?
“Thanks. You be safe, ma’am”
“You, too. Really appreciate your help.”

And the tiny truck driver slowly drove on
As the heavy clouds burst as if in delight
As I slowly headed home and prayed
That this truck driver be blessed
Tiny as he was
Able to move tons of load
Moving with a big heart.

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