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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Blueberry Hill Calling

today i raked the yard for the last time
because tomorrow i'm heading for Blueberry Hill.
grass blades peeped through a carpet of
Dogwood leaves, and pine cones and straws
littered with my lovely mushrooms.
(now i'm sure our Czech neighbor Ryska
won't have a hard time mowing next week.)

i stacked them all by the road
for tomorrow the garbage truck is coming
and they'll be moving somewhere,too.

i stood and rested by the Dogwood tree
whose leaves hadn't turned completely
they're red now, or deep red,
or maybe maroon, i think
adorned by red red berries
i wished i could fill my belly with.

it saddens me that i won't see their blossoms
and maybe press some and send to you all.
it saddens me that i won't see my roses bloom
(i just pray that my roommate could
water them though she's always in the gloom).

my pink begonias, white impatiences,
yellow snapdragons, magenta dianthuses,
and black-eyed susans are all still awake
with their withering leaves and petals.
soon they'll all be asleep with the grass
and wake in the spring and then
208 Center Street will have its hues
welcoming my friend after a hard day's work.

no, nothing's forever, as they say
and so i must move on
for Blueberry Hill is calling
where my new home is at the end of the road
next to the serene woods.

i went to see it this morning
when the leaves rustled as the cool wind blew
and the sun shone brightly through the naked trees
as if it was summertime still.
the bees gathered by the door
my autumn mums they all adored.

earlier on Center Street
furry Lizzie wasn't on top of my car
(neighbors Jackie and Nelson must've
grounded the feline)
Ryska wasn't walking his German Shepherd
my woody woodpecker and scurry squirrel
were nowhere in sight either
did they know i was going?

but i sure will have some friends
on Blueberry Hill, too
maybe some deer or bear?
i sure will create a trail in the woods
maybe build a house up a tree
and hide from the hunters there.

yes, it's time to move on
for Blueberry Hill is calling
just as these piles will be moving somewhere...
will you promise to come and visit still?


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