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Thursday, July 13, 2017

On Mike Cernovich's white privilege

Lina Jamison Quite a challenge for all of us, so much like dealing with road rage. Would we stay calm, composed and in control, or...? As a child, I was once riding in somebody's car when someone recklessly cut in front of us so our driver had to slam on the brakes hard and we all screamed in the car. He got really upset, so he chased the car despite his wife's plea and abruptly cut in front of it, too, forgetting that he had his whole family in the car and children (like me) who were supposed to look up to him as our model driver. I am thankful I didn't start driving with this temper. I grew up reading the Bible, trying to comprehend why I had to turn the other cheek if I were slapped on the right cheek. Later I learned about being kind and compassionate to people who are mad at the world, which, for me, is similar to turning the other cheek. Why? Because these people may be in pain, lost, confused... and didn't know how to deal with life's challenges. They may be suffering physically, mentally, emotionally... and need help. I don't think I need to respond to them negatively and fuel their anger. As one dear friend also taught me, I should always respond with "God bless you".

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