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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Fickle-Minded Boy

My three-year-old friend, wanting to grow up fast,
Hangs from the fireplace or the blinds
Then lands on the floor like a proud gymnast.
Climbs the window sill and up the cabinet
And poses like reaching the peak of the Rockies.
Climbs up the shelves and cupboards
Like monkey bars he hoards.
Hangs on the backs of chairs while we sit
Smart enough to jump down when we stand.
Slides down banisters, turns everything into trampolines.

Warned of dangers, he starts showing off --
Landing on his two feet safely, or getting down ever so slowly,
Careful not to get bumps and cuts, or break another bone
And brags: “See! I’m a big boy now. I’m not hurt.”
But my heart jumps like a scared cat
With every move he makes, this little man.

While watching The Incredibles tonight
My sleepy friend, like a baby, sucks his thumb
“I thought you’re already a big boy!
Why are you sucking your thumb?”
The supposed big boy whispers: “I’m still little…”
Surely, tomorrow’s a different story.
Jamison17 June 2017

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