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Tuesday, September 06, 2016


Our 2 ½-year-old language learner loves mangoes, snow peas, bunnies and robots. He has also been eager to learn new words and he pronounces some of them distinctly (iguana, sparrow, pelican, and beluga) while he mixes up others.

After lunch:
“Would you like a mango, an apple or a banana?” I asked.
“What did you see in the zoo again?”
He laughed. “Flamangoes! Flamangoes!”

He likes picking snow peas in the garden, chewing and spitting the pods. When I came home with a library book entitled “Snoopy’s Book of Words,” I read the title and introduced Snoopy.
“Who's this again?” I asked, pointing at Snoopy.
“SNOOP-y. Say snoop, snoop…”
“Snoop, snoop, snowpea!” he teased.

Looking through my art book, he yelled everything he could recognize: “Robots! Ice Cream! Trees! Rowbits!”
“Rowbits. Rabboats… “ After a brief pause, “Bunnies!” he finally exclaimed.
That’s our little smart aleck!
5 September 2016

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