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Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Egg Decorating

The children were “eggcited” as always to decorate their eggs this Easter week. I introduced various ways to do it and reminded the children that they were entitled to only one boiled egg so they had to make up their mind as to how they wanted to do it. They could either simply dye in one or two colours, use elastics to create stripes, marble them with dye and oil, or roll them in sugar sprinklers. Knowing how fond they are of sugary stuff, I shouldn’t have included the sugar sprinklers but it was too late – six out of the first nine children picked sugar sprinklers. My only last word was that the eggs had to be taken home and given to parents, and the parents would decide what to do with them (as not all children eat boiled eggs or sugary stuff). Here’s the result of the first batch:

Last year’s smaller class was given more choices as I had the chance to get eggs made of Styrofoam as well as empty raw eggs by blowing out their contents, washing and drying them. The children then were able to paint these eggs and give them as presents to their mothers on Mother’s Day. Can you tell which are made of Styrofoam and which are real egg shells? How to Blow Out an Egg


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    1. The three smaller and varnished ones painted blue/red, purple/red, and green/red. Gloss doesn't go with Styro material... Thanks for visiting.