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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Children in Red

The children are in red today—with Valentine’s Day-inspired clothing: red or pink or purple hearts on their pants or shoes, hearts with sparkly sequins or glitter on their shirts, etc. Not to mention, of course, the heart-shaped adornment on their accessories. And they’re super excited knowing that there’s going to be an exchange of cards and treats. They greet each other "Happy Valentime's Day" no matter how many times they are corrected.

Above all, they’ve seen parents come with sweet treats. Yum! Do they think that they’re going to have all that sugar at snack time? They are gravely mistaken! With the teachers’ experience of having children jumping like monkeys in the jungle after a big dose of sugary treats, the children are now allowed only one type of treat. Only one. And they take it or leave it. Hence, the day closes peacefully and calmly, with the teachers enjoying the rest of the treats in silence. Yum! Thanks to our sweet parents.


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