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Sunday, March 20, 2011

It's the first day of spring, eh?

Last night's snowfall should be the last, right? Wrong! The weatherman says it's a whole week of snowfall. What a way to welcome spring, eh? Nothing new, actually. It's always been this way in Calgary. And who's complaining anyway? Just the government, the motorists, and the parents. That's all!

We "kids" just love, love the snow. We stick our tongue out as it falls. We pick up some and slip it under one's coat. Behind one's neck, to be specific. That gives one the chills, and we roar in laughter. We roll up some and turn three balls into a snowman (or snowwoman). Then we take off our hats, shades and scarves to deck him (or her) up. Then, of course, our parents wonder why we come home wearing less... And finally, there's the piling of blocks of snow to make a fort, digging into a hill of snow to make a shelter, lying in the snow to make snow angels, or simply having a snow fight and a lot more. See how creative we could get with snow?

The local government, on the other hand, has to spend millions (?) on snow removal. Be it by snow blowing, plowing or shovelling, or sanding the roads for safety, it's all about money. Motorists also complain about not being able to drive as fast as they want to (!), or they end up into the ditch and wait for many chilly hours before getting rescued. Parents get tired of getting their kids dressed up in layers upon layers of clothing. And as their children come home with less clothing each day, they also get tired of buying winter clothing for six months! Imagine how much that costs? They also have to make sure that their sidewalks are free of snow, unless they want a ticket (a fine, that is) especially if one slips and falls in front of their house. They also have to get used to the mound of snow in their front yard. Unfortunately, it's not a pretty sight as it gathers dirt and melts when the sun shines. Anyways, spring is here and we kids care not whether it snows or not. For when the sun shines and the roads clear up, we can just keep on playing, eh?



  1. I love the "we kids" part hehehe How I wish I could experience the real snow like what you have now :-D

    Howdy, Ms. J? :-)

  2. thanks for visiting, Badeth. it's been a crazy week with the snowstorm, actually. my car broke down so i was driving a rented car and drive testing other cars in case i had to get another. in the snowstorm! imagine the thought of having an accident (and damaging a car that's not yet mine) because of the bad weather? anyway, all's well that ends well as Shakespeare said. i'm still with my dear old ford focus, perhaps for a bit more time. life's like that. there's an end to everything... do visit Canada and enjoy the snow with me. your accommodation is free :) ...