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Friday, October 15, 2010

My first jack o' lantern

My arms were aching for I had been picking
the largest pumpkin for my first jack o' lantern.
You see I had this dream one day like Michaelangelo I'd be sculpting
but times were a-changin', so I ended up teaching...

So now came the time to test my hands and patience
and my first jack o' lantern came into existence.
In the process, however, I broke my knife of five years
Should I buy a new one or sweets for trick or treaters?

Oh, well, I've two weeks left to save and think
for my jack o' lantern to be lit and invite the kids?
or for my jack and I to stay inside and hide
as I admire a new, sharp knife?

Hmmm... I might not have what it takes
to make Michaelangelo's Pieta, David or Moses
But I think I can afford another pumpkin
and a little treat for each kid a-knockin'
...come Halloween.


  1. So, how's it so far? Di pa ba bulok? hehehe. I think you can spray it with a fixative to make it last longer??

  2. i applied a thick coating of gloss (for painting), and it hasn't attracted any mold until now. it simply shrunk as an old pumpkin... the pumpkin cakes and roasted pumpkin seeds were enjoyed by all though :)