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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Gophers' picnic at the park

A father takes his two girls to the park,
The source of high-pitched, chirping sounds.
The girls make calls with bread crusts in their hands.
Out of their holes come the gophers surveying the land
Of predators like coyotes, weasels, owls, hawks.
And when none is found, out comes the horde
And feasts on crumbs from girls who will grow
Not as exterminators of gophers and moles.


  1. Hello, how are you Ms. J?

    lovely words you have there.
    You know have joined this writing workshop last week. The workshop was ran by a lovely lady named Gina Balibrera... she reminded me of you, she's inspiring and encouraging like you are to me...

    take care,

  2. thanks for visiting again, Jacelyn. i'm glad you're at a writing workshop. obviously, i haven't been to one although as a student at UST and DLSU, i had the privilege of being under award-winning writers. keep on doing what your heart desires and you'll always be happy no matter what. cheers :)