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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

You're my kind of woman

You're my kind of woman -- a superwoman!
You get up today, get the whole household
ready for school or work.
That's whether you're awake or not,
whether you're well or not.

Then you get to work to earn a living,
or to extend your habit of giving
as a judge, teacher, writer,
doctor, nurse, caregiver, cleaner...
or simply the power behind a world leader.

You pick up your kids at the end of the day,
take them to their favorite ballgame,
to their piano, ballet or swimming lesson...
You pick them up again, sometimes along
with the kids of your neighbor,
with whom you share some of your labour.

After dinner you help with homework
and read the teachers' notes...
Did your boy act up again?
Did your girl bully another?
Did they do so well?
Again you analyze your kind of parenting.

Bedtime comes and you struggle
to get your kids to snuggle.
Is it a fight over the cellphone or computer?
Over the play station or television?
And when at last you get into position
like a child yourself needing attention,
is there a man giving you some affection?
Whether or not there is, you're still the same
mother, sister, daughter, neighbor...
who gives everyone your all and never questions
why you're a woman who rises and shines
selflessly like the sun that never tires.

Today and each day, I pray that you stay
to be my kind of woman -- a superwoman!

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