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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Saturday, the 13th: locked out of the car during a winter storm

you didn't go to work today as your car wouldn't start at -19C.
you didn't know you had to plug it overnight, so you exclaimed:
"oh! that's what the outlets in the parking lots are for! stupid!"
good thing your aunt and uncle could come by
and give you an extension cord and teach you how...

you were elated as you could go to work tomorrow,
but you were worried that your car might not start after work,
after all that rain shower you'd watch from your front desk.
(and obviously there are no outlets at your workplace parking.)

you drove to Canadian Tire before sundown to get a booster pack,
left the engine running and took your keyless entry gadget instead
because you were afraid your car wouldn't start afterwards
and boosters might be out of stock.

again you were elated after getting what you needed,
but when you got to your car, your gadget wouldn't work!
"good heavens!" you exclaimed as your teeth started rattling.
it was -26C! you must've forgotten...

you ran back to the store and decided to make a call.
(your housemate has a key to your room.
she could spot your spare car key on the wall,
take it to you before she leaves for a party soon...)

but "sweet Jesus!" you whispered as you realized
your cellphone wasn't in your pocket!
you must've dropped it in the car!
how unlucky could you get?

you ran to the service department for help,
but "no, we don't unlock cars," you were told.
the gentleman lent you the phone anyway
and you called CAA for the third time this year.

as you were promised a response in two hours,
you thought about taking a cab home instead, but thought:
"no way! nobody will be home when i get there.
and all my keys are in the car i left running!"

you stood outside the entrance so as not to miss the CAA truck.
you prayed for shoppers to come before you froze,
so that you could get in through the automatic door
and out again when they got in. (got what i'm saying?)

you thought about asking strangers for help before closing time:
"i got locked out of my car, and i'm just waiting for help from CAA.
it's been an hour. could i use your cellphone to follow up?"
but then again, people might report you to management:
"an Asian woman is out there, harrassing your shoppers..."

anyway, after an hour of praying and calling yourself names,
help finally came and again you thought yourself blessed
or lucky. you brushed aside crazy thoughts of dying tonight,
during the first winter storm, during YOUR first winter storm.

when you got home, you marked your calendar:
"saturday, the 13th, my own version of chilly fear..."


  1. what an experience! i would've gone crazy...

  2. -26 and locked out of the car??? I could have died if I were in your shoes.*grin*

    Keep on writing, Ms. J. I'm glad I can already post comments. :-D