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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

wildflowers, that's what we are

wildflowers, that's what we are
trampled upon by deer,
and passers-by
out here hunting
or simply relieving themselves
during long trips.

wildflowers, that's what we are
and you don't know our names
for we're not on magazine covers.
but look what we've become
deceivingly precious as your pink rose
as the yellow bell flowers on your lawn
as the blue orchids in your corsage
as the red poinsettias at Christmas.

we're just as stunning and sweet
and painfully stormed by bees
for the honey on your pancakes.
wildflowers, that's what we are.


  1. I love the blue one.

  2. soooo teeny-weeny,
    about half an inch only
    poor little thing...