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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Must be a joke….

Must be a joke…
The Joker’s gone
The ghoulish make-up, the taunting laughter…
The Dark Knight’s nightmare.

The brave son of The Patriot
The insulted officer in Four Feathers
The heroin addict in Candy
The rebellious priest in The Order
The cowboy in love in Brokeback Mountain
And fleeing from fame in I’m Not There.
Such challenging, brilliant performance
Consuming a genuine actor,
Refusing to be a blond heartthrob.

Must be a joke…
Named after Wuthering Heights’ Heathcliff,
Vengeful now, suffering forever.
Must be a joke…
Leaving Matilda Rose and his women.

No more voices in his head
No more roles to play, no more lines to rehearse
No more wakeful imaginings…
No need for painkillers or sedatives
Heath Ledger’s finally asleep at 29
Must be a joke…

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