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Friday, November 16, 2007

Looking up at Mommy Spidey

Looking out the window one day
I saw this dancing mommy spidey
Dangling between the house and the hickory tree.

Wondering from whence it was hanging
I stepped out of the house and started looking
Up the roof and the hickory.
Of course, there was nothing that I could see
Except for the blue, blue sky
And the fertile shape of dancing mommy spidey.

Up and down she bounced, left and right she swung
Like an untiring graceful acrobat
Spinning an invisible web, spanning an incredible length
A job only for a mom’s strength.

I looked up mesmerized but checked myself fast
For mommy spidey on my face could land
And I might not have the chance
To adore moms of all kinds.

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