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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Deer and I

Half-asleep on 701 South
Where semi trucks were raging
On a foggy, chilly morning.

When from the woods leapt
A handsome mule deer
With to-die-for antlers
Silhouetted against the misty air.

No time to beep or brake, for it was like a flash of light.
All I could do was mutter, “Jesus Christ!”
For it was leaping to the other side
Where a speeding semi truck could give it
The final leap of its life.

In split second though, it landed on safe ground
And I sighed... recalling to mind
One dark November day, hours before dawn
On 87 North, where construction on the other side
Converted 87 North into a two-way road.

With blasting hard rock music and 100 mph
On what I thought was my left lane,
I sang at the top of my lungs,
Pinched and slapped myself
To shake off leech-like Sleep.

Then lights came beaming on me
As if I were a celebrity like Britney.
And the ground shook and roared.
“A big, big truck,” I whispered to myself.
“A big, big truck!” I screamed at myself
As I swerved to the right
And the roaring grew loudest
And faded in embarrassment.

Sigh… The deer and I
It wasn’t our literally bloody time
Perhaps we’re staying a while.
(Will you walk with us
If you’re not in a rush?)

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