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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Doe, a deer…

I’d been in and out of bed for days
For eating something wrong on Saturday.
Now and then I’d sit by the window
And stare at the silent woods
Pretending to enjoy a dose of oatmeal.

I thought I’d see a deer or a bear
As I marveled at the peace the sight brought
Yellow leaves swirling in the air
Falling gently on the grass
Reminding me of the yellow ribbons
From Makati’s skyscrapers
One People Power’s day…

I watched as some dried leaves rolled
Whenever the west wind blew…
Then lo and behold!
A slender young doe came out
From whence exactly I couldn’t tell.
She looked towards Blueberry Hill Road
And then to the woods
Again and again, looking confused and scared
Young as she was and elegant
With a white diamond between her eyes
(Like the third eye of a lovely Indian woman)
She lingered for a while, looking here and there
(And I thought she could be my pet
A crazy idea indeed…)
And finally trotted back to the woods
To my dismay.

I thought a camouflaged hunter would come out next
(As always, I was creating a movie scene in my head
Being a frustrated scriptwriter)
But I was left with my silent woods
With swaying branches, falling leaves
And west wind…

I thought I might not see her again
For I didn’t want to call in sick like this
And I missed my toothless kindergartners
Their growls and their giggles
Wait til I tell them about my doe, a deer…

Later this day when the sun was down
A handsome mule deer came out
Maybe in search of my lovely doe?
He had big ears and looked robust like a young prince
Maybe a hunk amongst his kind?
“Could he be my doe’s lover?”
I asked as if I there was an answer…


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