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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Where’s Miss Liberty?

Yes, she’s forever lovely on NY postcards
Hence, no matter what the weather
The world flocks at the dock by Battery Park
And now spends $11.50 to get close to her
To touch her, maybe to kiss her
Maybe to get into her...
Into her achy shaky frame.

Bulbs flash as she grows larger
Larger and larger as she towers over her island
And maybe over the world
And as the world gathers around her
Stares at her who greets those bound for Ellis Island
Bound for the Big Apple, bound for the land of the free
She who stands with the gloomy sky above
With the smoggy mighty New York skyline behind
Now seems to shrink slowly like Tolkien’s Gollum
And melts… and disappears like the ring
In the fiery lava of Mount Doom
(Sounds like Mounthattandoom?)

For why not?
Where’s Liberty when New Yorkers are tied to their rubber shoes
And their tired shoes are tied to the subway trains
And the screaming trains are tied to the tracks
And the aged tracks are tied to the Earth
And the shrinking Earth is tied to Destiny
Destiny determined at faulty Cape Canaveral.

For why not again?
Where’s Liberty when the Chosen Ones are tied to their leather shoes
And their polished shoes are tied to their limousines
And their sleek limousines are tied to Manhattan
And cold cold Manhattan is tied to the skyscrapers
And the scared skyscrapers are tied to the green bucks
And the poor bucks are tied to the capitalists
And the ruthless capitalists are tied to the moon
To their place on the moon where they would revive
Dear old Miss Liberty
To stand over what’s going to be…


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