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Friday, July 07, 2006

The Caucasian Woman and the Indian Woman

She sits reading a pocketbook with her legs crossed
In the corner behind the driver where the sign says “priority seating”
Her thin blond hair flows like a veil over her deep-furrowed pale face
Like that of a white doll left in the field by a careless girl
Next to her are two plastic bags and on her lap a purse.

The bus comes to a halt and kneels
And slowly climbs a heavy Indian woman with dark circles around her eyes
Inch by inch she walks behind the driver and stops in front of our white doll
“May I have a seat?” comes her pleading voice
Our white doll looks up and slowly says “You wanna sit?”
“Yes” almost a whisper as the Indian woman breathes heavily
Our white doll slowly picks up her plastic bags which the Indian woman nearly crush
As her whole weight falls in the next priority seat
“Thank you” the Indian woman breathes heavily again
But our white doll wants to get back to her reading now

The bells start ringing and the sign “stop request” lights up
As the bus approaches 179th Street our white doll opens her purse
She takes out her lipstick and paints her lips bright red
Now our white doll from a black and white screen comes alive on a color TV screen
But watch what she’s going to do next!
She takes out a tissue and dabs her lips with it
Then she daubs her nose with her smeared tissue
So now our white doll has turned into a clown or a Rudolph
Who slowly picks up her plastic bags and gets ready to go
As the bus comes to a halt and kneels again
Slowly she gets off perhaps in search of a circus or a Santa Claus
In this soulless city called New York where zombies come in different faces.


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